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Beehive Collective

Okuda Streetart- Brazil church turned into vibrant indoor skate sanctuary

Why our Brains are Wired to Connect?

Art as Therapy- 7 psychological functions of art

Social Practice Art is Intended to Nurture


SPARC Social Practice Arts Research Center


Why Public Art is Important-


APA, How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality (American Planning Assoc.)


Art Journal, Why Public Art is Important for Communities:


Research on Public Art: Assessing Impact and Quality

How the Arts Impact Communities



Wired To Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by

Creativity is Forever 

Interdisciplinary Art Education

The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design

The ADHD Advantage 

Creative Confidence 

Creativity Inc.

Power of Seeing 

On the Corner of Should and Must: 

The Art World Demystified: 



Public Art

Public Art by the Book 

Catching the Fire

Story Bridge 

Social Practice Art

Pop-Up City

photo by: Eric Luck 

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